Transpose harmonica tabs from one position to another, or to different tunings.

Copying currently does not work on Chrome. Use the downloaded versions (below) or run in Firefox.

You can select a tab style with the buttons. See the example below the buttons for each style's syntax.

Tabs must use a single quote ' per bend (no double quotes, use 2 single quotes instead). Everything other than valid notes will be ignored. Don't forget the spaces between notes (otherwise, those notes will be ignored). See this image for an example of tab input and output.

There's a tab keyboard for easier tab creation.

A command line interface (CLI) is also available for download.

If this tool is useful to you, consider starring the github repo.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withRust
Code licenseMIT License
LinksSource code


Windows 13 MB
Version 34 91 days ago
Linux 12 MB
Version 32 91 days ago
MacOS (unsigned) 5 MB
Version 1 Dec 18, 2021
Windows CLI 8 MB
Version 34 91 days ago
Linux CLI 6 MB
Version 32 91 days ago

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A description for what it does and what input is expected would be cool!


Alright, I've updated the description with some info. This tool is only useful for harmonica players though.