A downloadable friend for Windows

Have you ever wanted a small bird friend for your desktop? 

Of course you did. Here's the answer to your wishes ! 

He will bounces along your windows taskbar, minding his own business while you're working. Unlike a certain goose, this one actually respects your time and don't want to disrupt your workflow. Though, he sometimes get hungry, so he might peck around for a bit.

Features :

  • A really cute bird
  • Does nothing incredible
  • He's really cute though
  • Look at that fluffy belly

This bird was initially made for a Ludum Dare submission, that you can play for free right here !

Want to create your own desktop pet? Here's a tutorial.

All the code was written by Seebass22. Art by Sebastien "Glaas" Decuyper

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsSeebass22, Glaas
Tagsbirb, bird, cardinal, Cute, desktop, desktop-pet, pixel, Pixel Art, Virtual Pet


desktop bird 14 MB
Version 3 May 12, 2021


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if you summon bird multiple times you get more so now i have 5 birds very cool

get like 50 birds it lags alot

very birb


Cute, i guess he needs company, he's a bit bored & frustrated. Kindly add some audio, chirpping or add some angry bird lines, pliiiz!!




goose needs a friend


i needed a friend for my goose so i thought maybe this didnt download yet

really cute




B i r b 

b i r b

(1 edit)

he's a very cute birb
edit: he runs off my second screen and stays there for a while hiding :(



can you make it support linux?


I cannot start it!How can you start it? 

Click the video lookin icon


awwww its so cute

btw he started vibing to my music haha so cute ^-^


i put up every desktop bird i have just to be a goof now i have a goose, birb and pigeon just wandering about haha



Thanks for your work and tutorial. The bird is very cute.

Could I use your code to make desktop pets for  my friends and me?

I hope my poor English doesn't offend you🥺

Sure! You can do whatever you want with the tutorial code. I'm glad you found it useful. :)

you are very kind😊

Your English is actually very good.









why does my birb not fly


I would like to know this as well


I never added flying. Maybe if I continue working on it, I'll add it someday.


how do I close the bird boi 

Close the cmd.exe window that appears with the bird


i'm gonna pair this up with desktop goose

me too



i paired it with desktop goose, desktop meadow, desktop crewmate, and desktop pets(customizable)


*opens every single desktop pet i have just to be stupid*


What a gorgeous bird!!

I was in the process of respriting the bird into my own version, the left and right gifs work fine but if I resprite the digging gif (either one) it doesn't work. Any idea as to why?

Perhaps you're using a different number of frames? That's my only guess

is this open source? if so, could i please get a link to it's source? thanks!

Hi! It's not open source right now, but I might open source it in the future when I decide on a license. My code has no comments though. I did write a tutorial that should get you set if you're looking to do something similar: here. It's a bit of a work-in-progress though. There's also another tutorial if you google "python desktop pet tutorial", but I found it a bit confusing. Hope that helps!


hi there! thanks for the tutorial, it's quite helpful! and as for the source code, dont worry about it!

Yay i have birb in computer! :D

yay :) birdie yay it works :):)

how do i open it it says system error

it might require Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (see my reply to guilber below). otherwise it could be an antivirus issue

(1 edit) (+1)

my app not open

only cmd open of 2 segonds

(1 edit)
how do i disable it, not that I didn't like it anymore so I couldn't stay there

you can just close the cmd.exe window that opens


how to get off birb?

I also want to know, just delete his folder

birb :D

Will there be a version for the Mac? 

Probably not, sadly. The code is windows-specific and I didn't manage to get it working on linux either

i want to try to port it to mac now ill let you know if i can


Mycket bra fågel. Jag ser att det är väldigt smol!


Bird customization would be nice. Though that could be a little complex. I see you used tkinter. Nice.

Thanks! I'll have to think about that in the future (planning on updating this). And I'll add a direct link to the source code later, for anyone interested.

Deleted post

+1 for some way to move the guy as well. Would be fun to be able to pick him up and move him


2 it would be nice if he had a birdhouse for him

+3 make him sit on your mouse


Fun guy! Thanks for making this, bought me some joy. Some things:

  1. He can walk over to my second monitor which is offset lower than my main monitor, and he will float in the middle of the second monitor (aligned to the taskbar of the first)
  2. Would also prefer tray icon

aww thanks! I appreciate the feedback, will work on both these points in the future


Super cute bird! I think there may be a typo in your description that you would want to fix. Do you mean "unlike" rather than "unless"?


hey thanks ! ♥

Absolutely :'D Thanks for pointing it out !

it would be cool if you took the cmd out of the taskbars

what do I do? Windows presented this error, Windows cannot access the device path or file

you might need to install "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable", if you don't already have it:
64 bit
32 bit

if that's not the issue, then I'm not sure

how weird is c ++ installed on my computer

I found out what happened avast is deleting it

thanks for letting me know! thought I'd solved that issue :(

Deleted post
(1 edit)

That's a good idea! I'm planning on adding that in the future.
Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it :)

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